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  1. by   NrsCA
    Hello SFbethany!!

    In the same boat?! Does that mean you are waitlisted also? What number are you?! Is USF or SFSU your first choice?! GOOD LUCK! this waiting SUCKS! haha.
  2. by   SFBethany
    USF- I was on the waiting list but got in a few weeks ago. I am not sure they have finished all of their selections.
    I have not heard a thing from SFSU either way (for the Generic MSN).
  3. by   NrsCA
    well congrats on USF! that's GREAT news!!! so not too much waiting and craziness for you... were you waitlisted or accepted at SMC!?
  4. by   nukkaNP

    I was at the Tuesday, March 13th interview.
    Have you been admitted to both the ABSN and the ELMSN-FNP programs?
    I saw a post from you in a different forum. If so, how does that work?
  5. by   BerkeleyMom
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  6. by   nukkaNP
    HI ALL

    Yesterday, I spoke to the ELMSN-FNP Admission Counselor on the phone. She assured me that they do not over admit. She said that since they have so many applicants and only 24 spots, they cannot risk overfilling the program. She also mentioned that this was not the first time someone had mentioned this over admit thing to her, and she wonders where all these rumors are coming from. Anyway, she said when one person drops out the first person on the wait-list will be in and so on. I already know someone personally who has declined their spot. Just a couple more to go! She said they would be running a "deposit report" today, and there should be answers next week! Good Luck!!!
  7. by   NrsCA
    Hello again everyone,

    Just wanted to keep the thread alive!!!

    And also wanted to see if anyone on the waitlist has heard back yet.
  8. by   nukkaNP

    I just got the big envelope in the mail yesterday from SMC. I'M IN!!!! So
    that's one down off the wait-list. GOOD LUCK to everyone! Keep us posted.
  9. by   NrsCA

    I hope that I will soon be in your position.

    Anyone else hear back yet?!
  10. by   BerkeleyMom
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  11. by   J3LLYB3AN
    No word yet...
  12. by   NrsCA
    Okay... I gave in and called again.

    The nice lady that I spoke with told me that they sent an acceptance package out to waitlist #2... so here's hoping. She said that all deposits have been received... BUT assured me that, although someone sent a deposit, it's not the end all. There is still a chance that people may withdraw for whatever reason after deposits are received.

    So that's the update for anyone reading this!
  13. by   J3LLYB3AN
    More news! I got a message yesterday afternoon and confirmed it this morning - I'm in! The admissions counselor is sending the acceptance package today Yay! Now I just need to plan my move to the Bay Area from Los Angeles! Any suggestions on good places to live that are close to the school?