Any one else starting clinical this semester?

  1. If so, are you getting a little nervous? Even after 10 years of being a nurse, the idea of going into a room now as a student NP feels similar to the way it did right before I started my student nurse clinicals way back when. Hopefully, some of you also feel the same way so I don't think that I'm the only one!

    Good luck to all of you - if you are this far along in your program, then you know we are almost there! I hope you all have a great semester!
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  3. by   christvs
    I wished I started my NP clinicals this semester. I don't start them until this August. I hope you will come here often and tell us all about what you are seeing and doing in your clinicals though-so me and everyone else can live vicariously through you!
  4. by   mom and nurse
    Yes, I started my ANP clinicals this semester and so far I am enjoying the experience. I've been placed with a very kind physician who loves to teach and precepts med students and NP students.

    I was a nervous wreck the first day but by day 3 and 4 I had calmed down considerably.....mostly due to the fact that the doctor does a lot of encouraging (such as "You will do fine", "You are doing fantastic!", etc. I know I am not that great....goodness, I even had trouble looking in ears to determine ear infections..I finally am getting the hang of ear exams....and just the fact that the doctor is so encouraging makes me want to go back.