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So many of the threads regarding direct-entry programs featured mainly east coast schools, there have to be a few folks out there like me who've applied to the UCLA MECN program for the Fall 2007... Read More

  1. by   flyingfish2u
    MSMC Acc BSN program is 1 year program. Yes, the cost is high for the MSMC Acc BSN program, but I think it's worth it if you get the Kaiser scholarship. 34 students received the scholarship last year. My goal is to quickly finish in 1 year and work for 2 years at Kaiser and they apply for CRNA program.

    UCLA is my 2nd choice since I don't know much about the program other than this is their 2nd year. It would be great to get some feedback from current MECN students. What have you heard? Also, I'm concerned about how the MECN degree would be seen/interpreted when applying for CRNA program. I haven't checked with Fullerton or USC CRNA program, but I wonder if they would give credit for courses taken during MECN.

    I'm praying that I get in to MSMC and get the scholarship so I would avoid going to school for total of 4 years (2 years for MECN and 2 years for CRNA) where as with MSMC route is 3 years (1 year for MSMC and 2 years for CRNA).

    By the way, I'm also a Bruin. Good luck with apps!
  2. by   Asherah
    I think the Kaiser scholarship would definitely make the MSM program worthwhile, so I wish you the best of luck. In terms of worrying about how CRNA programs would look upon the MECN/MSN, there were many questions of the same sort asked at the UCLA orientation sessions. At the end of the program an MSN is conferred, but not in the way that you are considered an advanced practitioner. However, the curriculum is still graduate/master's caliber. Several of the CRNA programs I've looked at will accept you with an MSN rather than a BSN (ex. USC).

    If I had it my way, I would have been smart enough to apply to Columbia and/or JHU for this fall, and actually be able to pay for it out of pocket That way I would have both BSN/MSN and get out of California for awhile.

    I'd like to keep the cost of any MSN progam I attend as low as possible, so when I become licensed I can pay off all or most of that student loan debt before beginning a CRNA program, thus avoiding massive total debt after finishing up.

    When do you get notifications for MSM and the Kaiser Scholarship?
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  3. by   flyingfish2u
    The MSMC program starts in May. I have an interview next week so I'm assuming I will find out by the end of the month. As far as the Kaiser scholarship, you need to first be admitted and then apply. Also, there is an interview with Kaiser. I assume it's like a job interview since you will be working there for 2 years if you get the scholarship.
  4. by   Asherah
    As I think about it, the UCLA SON has a private endowment they've received which covers full tuition for the program, you are able to apply for it after you are accepted into the program. I can't quite remember (without looking at the notes I took) if its merit or need based or a combination of both, but its out there. I'm blanking on the specific name at the moment as well. I guess I can't worry about that until I'm in anyway.
  5. by   Asherah
    So its finally March everyone! Now we just have to wait until late-March for notifications It seems like UCLA has chosen one of the latest periods to notify applicants compared to the other schools with threads around here (Columbia, Yale, UCSF). I was reading through the thread created by the 2006 applicants and some of the accepted candidates received phone calls to let them know. Keep us posted in this thread when you get your letter or call
  6. by   flyingfish2u
    I got into the accelerated program at Mount St. Mary's. I'm waiting to hear about the Kaiser scholarship. I have not heard back from UCLA yet, but most likely I will be attending MSMC in mid May. Anyway, I will keep you posted if I hear anything. Good luck.
  7. by   Asherah
    Congratulations on MSMC! Do you have to accept before you find out if you've been granted the scholarship? If for some reason you don't get it would you still go there and take loans or consider UCLA?

    I think at least one other woman who posted on this thread and applied to UCLA chose Columbia already. Looks like I may be the only one who really wants to stay in Los Angeles, so hopefully even if I'm waitlisted I can be bumped up by everyone who chooses to go elsewhere!

    On a ridiculous note, my fortune cookie today claimed, "A messenger will bring you good tidings soon."
  8. by   BerkeleyMom
    Quote from Asherah
    Quick update...I was dying to know how many apps were submitted for the Fall 2007 MECN program, and emailed Shelli Shepherd. Turns out there were 299 applicants for the 60 spots! Somehow this information doesn't make me feel any better about the wait. :stone
    Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents, as I know you are all anxiously awaiting to hear from UCLA ... I think 60 spots out of 299 applicants are fantastic odds!

    They are probably going to overadmit by a lot because they know that people apply to other programs. I recently spoke with a woman that works for a nursing school that has a direct entry program--she said that the year before last they sent acceptance letters to well over the class size that they expected. I have no idea how UCLA operates, but if it is a fairly new program, I think it will be safe for them to assume that their applicants have also applied else where.

    Good luck to all of you!!! ... I know how it feels to be waiting and thinking and waiting ....
  9. by   Asherah

    I heard from last years candidates that they did have a wait list/alternates list, so we'll see. It just seems interesting to me that UCLA is the fall back school for most of the applicants I've spoken to, I'm sure the fact that it is a newer program has something to do with it as some parts of the program are still shrouded in mystery, unlike the more established direct-entry programs you see folks talking about around here, and the fact that its a generalist program rather than specialist.

    Thanks for the well-wishes, I've been following all of the other school threads and reading about the acceptances one by one! I just hope to be able to join everyone with one of my own sooner or later
  10. by   nurse2481
    Hi I am applying to the UCLA MECN program as well. Actually, I would love to talk to someone who is in the program or someone who knows someone in the program. I worried about the fact that it is such a new program. I know UCLA is a great school but again the program just started and I went to visit the "nursing school" and was a little dissapointed that, that just meant a few floors in the science health building. They said they dont do tours and I was just curious what the facilities look like, the labs, what a typical week is like, anything....

    Another school I applied to, USD, had a wonderful orientation, I got to see the lab they used which was a whole fake hospital set up, they have actors come in and fake different illnesses and you have to assess them, I met the faculty, make long story short I was just wondering if anyone had any more insight into this UCLA program. Any current students that like or dislike it?

    Any input from anyone?

    Thanks, I just feel a little out of the loop with UCLA besides the fact that I know its a good school..
  11. by   Asherah
    You can use the search feature to find threads from the 2006 candidates, there are a few that are currently attending UCLA but no longer post on this forum regularly (primarily because school keeps them too busy!). I would suggesting sending a private message to any of those individuals and see if they reply, that would be your best bet.

    From my conversations with a current student, I was told it was very fast-paced but enjoyable experience thus far (1.5 quarters gone by) and an intimate class setting as the 60 students admitted go through the classes together in a fixed order. The current students wont be starting their clinicals for a few weeks, as Spring quarter hasn't begun yet, so even they wouldn't be able to give you some insight on that component yet.

    The class schedule for the first two quarters has courses that are packed into a Thursday/Friday schedule only (at least for the Fall 2006 group), so that means 8-6 or 8-7 both days. This seems helpful to commuter students, or those that choose to commute for the first two quarters. When clinicals start I was told by the current student that commuting would be nearly impossible to do as you will not quite know that far in advance how many days you will be scheduled and to what facilities you will be going.

    I understand your frustration regarding the lack a of tour and somewhat lack of organization that comes with a new program, however the SON is much more than a "few floors in a health science building," think of all of the clinical resources you have at your disposal with the med center and all of the LA-based facilities participating in the clinical portion. This is part of my excitement for the program. Just my about it all.
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  12. by   dko1
    Hi fellow UCLA MECN applicants! I've applied to the UCLA MECN program as well. This wait till late March/early April is killing me!!! I wonder if we would hear from UCLA any sooner??
  13. by   Asherah
    You could definitely try to call or email Shelli Shepherd, the MECN Coordinator. I've already emailed her a few times during the application process and she is very friendly and accomodating, I think I'm going to try not to bug her again...but I would encourage anyone else to contact her and inquire! Let us know if you do! Oh, and...

    Dko1, I noticed you've applied to CSUF as well, is UCLA your first choice?
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