Any Fall '07 CSULB EL-MSN applicants??? - page 2

I haven't noticed any threads for the Cal-State Long Beach Entry-level MSN for Fall 2007. I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there? I got word today that letters would be sent out... Read More

  1. by   k8star
    hello! seeing as the last post on this thread was a year ago, does anyone have any insight to the csuf and csulb programs now, after a year? any info would be much appreciated, as i am trying to decide between the el-msn programs at csuf and csulb. thanks!
  2. by   nskoog

    I actually am finishing up my second semester here at CSUF. It has been a challenging and crazy ride, but I am happy that I made the decision to stay at Fullerton. It was a tough decision for me as well to decide between CSUF and CSULB. I have learned a lot and have had wonderful clinical rotations here in the OC. We have a brand new skills lab that has enhanced our learning so much, through mock codes, practicing skills, ect. Nursing school is going to be tough no matter which school you choose, but I am content with my choice. The faculty is awesome at Fullerton...always there to help If you have any specific questions about Fullerton, let me know...

    Good luck on your decision. I know it will be tough.

  3. by   dylansmom7

    I am applying to CSULB for Fall of 09 and was wondering what your gpa in science was and overall gpa? Did you take the TEAS, and if so, what was your score? I am just trying to sum up my odds of getting in to the ELMP. I am scheduled to take the TEAS on the 13th and hoping to get a great result considering my science gpa is 3.5. I dunno, I guess anything is possible, right?