advantage and disadvantage of out of state online NP programs

  1. Hey, everyone,
    I would like to know you guys' opionion about going to out-of-state online NP program. Do you think it will affect the employment and network because it is out of state program, although clinical hours will be in local facilities. How the students will get connected? It does not require to go campus at all.
    Does it affect job market if I choose a school less famous?
    thank you in advance!
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  3. by   lhflanurseNP
    I live in Florida and am starting my FNP program online through South University out of Savannah, Ga. Your degree only needs to be from a recognized/approved school. Florida has a couple of online programs, but the state colleges do not offer this option and when you live a far piece from school, is it worth it for the dollars. When I compared different schools from all over, some are extremely expensive (around 800/hr) and some are not (around 350-400/hr). Compared to going to a state school and driving....I am actually spending about the same amount of money but have the comfort of studying when I can and being able to do the clinicals locally. Since I am going into the FNP program, the school does not want any acute settings, so I did my research on local physicians and contacted the offices. I then followed up with a cover letter, a copy of the requirement I would be needing for that preceptorship as well as what was expected during my rotation to the offices and gave them to the front desk girl. Each office I contacted gave me a resounding approval to come and do my rotations.
  4. by   GoodKick01
    Thanks for the information. Do you think local physicians usually care about graduates from local schools since they have better reputation in the area?
  5. by   lhflanurseNP
    Around here they don't. Many of the NPs have online degrees or come from schools all over the country (Florida gets a lot of transplants). What they do look for is how you present yourself and your profession as well as your interaction with patients and other health care providers.
  6. by   GoodKick01