1. I need some advice. I'm a recent ADN graduate and want to continue my education. I've been looking at online programs for ADN to BSN and ADN to MSN. I've looked at so many programs my head is spinning. Does anyone have any advice on these online programs, and which is the better track. Ultimately I would like to get my MSN. I've spoken to a few schools, and they all say that I can complete the ADN-MSN program just as fast as I could the BSN. If that's true then why would the bother offering the online BSN. Can someone please give me some feedback on these two programs.
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  3. by   Onc_NP
    As far as I can tell the only problem I see with a ADN to MSN program is that if you DON'T complete the entire program you are not awarded any degree. Most do not have a BSN awarded in the middle of the program. I am starting Gonzaga's RN to MSN FNP program in the Fall . I knew I wanted to get my MSN so spending the time to earn a BSN then repeating similar classes in the MSN program later on didn't make sense for me and from what I have researched it will be faster than doing the BSN first. Good luck finding the right program!
  4. by   NurseNiki17
    The MSN program (at least a good one your not just flying through) is definitely around a year longer (2 semesters I mean, depending on how they do it... terms/quarters/etc.), and the difference, to my understanding, is if you are going for your MSN, the classes you take are focused more in that direction.

    I'm having the same problem...too many choices! I'm about to post a Q myself actually lol. I have, however, chosen to take it slow to gain exp. as an RN and start with just the RN to BSN. I had unfortunate events keeping me from ever getting an RN position thus far, so going back to school for my BSN will help me. I just don't want to go all the way without a few years on my belt. it looks better to employers also. You have all the time in the world to go back and bridge to MSN - when your a BSN I think it is only a 2-3 semester bridge anyway (longer for any specialties), so it would still even out in the end with that extra year tacked on! Just IMO tho