Accepted to UCLA's 2007 MECN Program!

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  3. by   Asherah
    Official acceptance thread congratulations! here if you've been accepted, if you haven't read about it already in the other thread, they're apparently sending emails starting today! So keep an eye out!
  4. by   nurse2481
    Hey I was accepted too! I am still making my final decision where I want to go but I am leaning towards UCLA..Congrats!
  5. by   nurse2481
    Is anyone going to apply to live in the graduate housing? I have a great apartment that I love I am just deciding if I go to this program if I want to be on campus or not...any thoughts?
  6. by   stressed_girl
    CONGRATS NURSE2481!!!!

    I'm really not sure about housing... I think one factor to consider is how far your apt is from campus b/c it's a killer to actually qualify for a parking permit. My sister commuted to UCLA from L.A., and she still did not qualify for parking and had to pay daily. So in that sense, living on campus would be a plus.. although there are buses if you don't want to park on campus....

    Did you apply at any other schools??

    I'm still waiting to hear back from other schools. UCLA is not my top choice, but i am still considering it. It would be really hard to turn down UCLA though!!!

    Let us know what you finally decide!!!

    Again, Congratulations!!!
  7. by   nurse2481
    Yeah I applied to USD and got in there also...I actually love San Diego and have a lot of family there and I visited the school and it is so beautiful and such a great campus, there was a great orientation and I love the factulty, love the facility, I met other students and they gave me a really good feel about the program....I also am very interested in international health and love traveling and they have great international opportunities, every year they take the students abroad (if they want to go). This winter I think they are going to Ghana...Anyway to sum it up I really love it there, I get a really good feel and they are so personal..They have already called and sent a million emails explaining everything...I dont feel all of that from UCLA yet I would feel dumb turning down UCLA because its ranked so high and is so prestigious. I dont know....How about you? Where else did you apply?

    Oh I just heard that even if you live in the grad apartments you are not gauranteed parking so you might have to find street parking. That would suck to not find parking when you are going to your own home....hhmmmm
  8. by   stressed_girl
    Wow, it seems that USD is a great option! Although UCLA is ranked so high and is so prestigious, their program would only qualify me to be a master's prepared clinical nurse, not an APN, which is ultimately my goal.

    I've also applied at CSULA, CSU Long Beach, and CSU Fullerton. I still have interviews with two of those schools. Although CSULA is not as prestigious as UCLA, I am very impressed with the consistency of their NCLEX passing rates. Their pass rate is higher than many schools. Additionally, it's a 3 year program that lets me specialize as a FNP. This is why CSULA is my top choice (I'm not willing to relocate; hence the reason why I didn't apply at any other schools.)

    So if I went to UCLA, I would still have to apply to a school for my post-master's licensure. I don't know if I want to deal with the whole application process AGAIN!

    But I totally feel you.... I don't want to turn down UCLA just becuase its UCLA!
  9. by   nurse2481
    I want to do APN too but I am not in rush...I am not sure what I would specialize in yet and would rather have time working as an RN for a little bit to make sure. I dont want to put all that time in specializing in something and then wish I had done something else. I also think I would be a better APN if my courses werent crammed into one year. I want to be an expert at what I do to best help the patients...I dont know..I guess I am just not in a rush...I am excited to try everything out first and then go back and specialize...but that is just me and its just because I am not sure what I want to go into. Everything I have been exposed to I love and there is so much more to experience. I think either one you choose would be great! One will get you directly to where you are going but UCLA or another program like that will still get you there you just a little later...and time flies by so fast. If you work for a year and then apply for your post master you will be done in no time....We are so young! We have our whole lives ahead of us...I am just so grateful I got in somewhere...I was getting worried...Have you heard anything back from anywhere else? Let me know what you decide...
  10. by   miseralla
    congradulation to those accepted!
    It is true that UCLA sounds a better option. But I am also kind of struggling where to go. I heard graduate housing is really packed and there are people waited for a year to get a room. Parking is another issue. Besides the ucla mecn program is just a new program and there are still glitches. If I had USD on my choice list, I would probably lean towards a more mature and easy going place then a stressful environment. while UCLA is a good school, but nursing.... who knows.
  11. by   mafafa1981
    I got accepted to the MECN program as well! I currently do research for two of the professors there (at the UCLA School of Nursing) and also completed my master's degree there at the School of Public Health. My day job is as a health educator at the VA hospital and I LOVE IT! However, I am EXCITED about the MECN program and I think UCLA is a great school and so are the professors. I've been hearing from people who got in and many of them shoot it down for being a new program, having terrible parking, and getting really crappy housing. I look at it a different way: the transportation office will actually give parking to those who really need it (i.e., people who live far and also professional students such as medical, dental, and nursing). With regards to the housing, you can find relatively affordable housing north or south of UCLA (only about 5 miles either way). I live in Palms (the student area below UCLA) and it works out just fine. With regards to whether it is a good program, there is no doubt that the professors there are world-renowned and that if they can give great courses to the APN students, then they can to the MECN students as well. Anyway, I'm not trying to sell UCLA to anyone. I would love it if people chose to go there not because it's a back-up school, but more because it's such a GREAT school. I don't know about anyone else, but I cried when I got in. I am thankful for programs like these that make it easy for people to change career paths and to live in such an awesome town. I'm up for the challenge and hope to come across other students in my cohort who feel the same way. Another last thought: Nursing is a helping profession that puts you in the trenches. We need to get some experience under our belts before delving into full-blown diagnoses and treatments (and quickly attained APN degrees). If anything, all of the challenges that the program has can shed some light on the types of working conditions we'll have in the real world--because they're not always pretty. I look forward to the program and hope to meet some great students at the #1 hospital in the West.
  12. by   nurse2481
    Wow it is so refreshing to hear from you. I honestly have had a not so good image of UCLA. My co-worker at Cedars Sinai actually got her masters in public health at UCLA too and was one of many who told me she did not like the school. She said most of her classes were done on power point and she could of easily got the exact same info just reading the slides and the books on her own. She said she could have taught herself everything. She came from a private school though were they were very hands on and creative in their teaching. Anyway I went to a private school for undergrad too and I guess that is what is appealing to me about USD because they have all these excursions, international trips, this winter they are taking the nursing students to Ghana, they have great facilities, great housing, they are so personal, I recieve about 2 emails per day on updates on how everything is going, scholarships, I recieved a personal email from the dean and she told us all to come in on her office hours so she can welcome us personally, they have beautiful student housing and everyone has parking......Its just such a nice and supportive feeling I get from there where as I have been having trouble just finding out basic info from UCLA. I am put on hold forever when I call, they said they dont give tours, etc...I was only interested in a tour because I went on an amazing tour at USD where they showed us their simulation lab and its a whole building set up like a real hospital with electronic dummies that have hear murmurs and different things go wrong and it shows up, there are also assessment rooms and is the only school where actors come in and fake different illnesses and we have to make assessments, they showed us their computer lab, the hospitals etc...I went myself to look around the nursing school at UCLA and found out it is just floors 5 through 7 of the health science building and didnt see anything else so I was a little dissapointed with thier facilities although I am sure I havent seen everything they have. I actually called today and they told me they are finally sending out an information packet which I am really eager to get. And I know it is probably ranked high for a reason and I am sure the teachers are great. I have heard such unhappy people with UCLA though so I am really happy to hear your positive words about it. I am not pre-judging it in any way I am just going off of what people have told me and what I have seen for myself which is not much. Maybe you can shed some more light on the school for me? How are the classes? Are they all taught by power point slides? How are the classrooms, facilities, opportunities? Do you know what makes it ranked so high? Is it the professors? Did you feel like a family or have personal relationships with the professors at the Public health school or was it more cold and you are on your own? How do you think the nursing program will be? Any input would be great....Thanks
  13. by   nurse2481
    By the way I agree with you about not delving into quick APN programs..I think the best way to help others is to make sure we love what we are specializing in and that comes after experience and then taking time to learn everything we can about what we love...We have our whole lives there is no need to rush a year or two..its really nothing in the large scheme of things...I personally would like to get my APN but further down the road..I am excited to experience all the different areas of nursing and practice as an RN to really get a better scope of nursing and then specialize later
  14. by   mafafa1981

    Thank you for your response. I can definitely see where you are coming from with regards to all of the amenities that USD is offering you, and to be honest, you should choose the place where you feel most "at home." I can certainly understand that if you went to a private undergrad, you'll want to experience the same level of interaction with your professors and stay truly connected to the institution where you will spend most of your waking hours. If you are looking for everything that you described at USD, then by all means, don't go to UCLA. UCLA's resources are not confined to one building-- they are all over the Center for Health Sciences and even across the street into Med Plaza. As so, your learning will occur at many places, including other affiliated hospitals. I guess my take on the classes is biased because I went to Berkeley for undergrad and I'm used to working hard to be close with my professors and to get the most out of the classes. Nothing has ever been handed to me and I've had to learn to network, speak up, and really take a proactive approach to find great things in life. In my current job, all of these skills have helped me be very successful. I do want to say, however, that because my boyfriend (a med student) is a TA for the nursing students at UCLA, I find out about the interaction between the students and the professors there and it all seems to work well. The professors really do care about their students and they go the extra mile to help the students learn. You must remember that UCLA is a research institution, not a teaching one. In other words, it is safe to say that almost all professors there are working on original research and not there to teach per se. Yes-- you might get stuck with professors that can't teach (every once in a while), but in general you will be exposed to so many brilliant minds throughout your time there, that it will be invigorating, inspiring, and will actually have an impact the level of self-efficacy you feel. You may not get this at USD. I've noticed in my job at the hospital that the nurses who really move forward and rise to the top are those who can be strong in the clinic and in the research lab. In other words, if you're a great nurse on the wards, it gets you kudos, but if you are a great nurse on the wards AND can collect, analyze, and present data about how something you are doing changes the level of care you are providing, then that gets you twice the kudos because you are actively contributing to the field and spreading valuable knowledge. All in all, there is a reason that UCLA is the place where the sickest of the sickest come. They don't go to USD by all means (that is, if they have a hospital). UCLA is not going to baby you or anyone else. They will give you a lot of bang for a little buck. Sure--your co-worker is right. A lot of PH classes were taught with powerpoint and some of the professors were disorganized. However, the information was valuable and applicable to the workplace. And who can disagree with the fact that her degree carries a lot of weight? However, we cannot compare the PH school with the nursing schooll. They are TOTALLY different. All in all, UCLA is great if YOU squeeze the most you can out of it. Many students just take classes and go home. They become disappointed when the system doesn't hand them something on a sliver platter. This is a time in life to work hard and be humble and not to feel like we are so intelligent and priviledged that UCLA is below us. (Wake up and smell the coffee girl--it's UCLA!) This is the sense that I've gotten from students who have resented UCLA. The reality is--we know very little and having degrees behind our names right now is not an indication that we can chill out and wait for the nursing schools to offer us everything. Have you ever stopped to think why so many of those private nursing schools try so hard to lure you in? APU tried that with me, but when I mentioned it to my colleagues, they weren't impressed. I'd much rather take my money where the professors had to work their minds off to get there and not where they have the best fake cadavers and pristine classrooms. I really like our discourse and don't mean to sound rude at all. These are just my personal thoughts. I do understand your POV completely. You sound cool and I hope we end up as classmates. However, in the end, you should listen you what you GUT tells you. What does that inner voice say?? (By the way, I forgot to mention that I love the professors I work with and yes, I feel like I belong and like there is someone there to help should I need to reach out at some point).