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Hi! I haven't seen a thread for Fall 2017 UPENN MSN applicants so I thought I would start one! I recently applied to UPENN for Fall 2017 for an Acute Care MSN specialty. I am wondering if anyone else... Read More

  1. by   PedsKBEnurse1
    Quote from PedsNurse3
    PedsKBEnurse1 when did your final recommendation letter make it in? I'm trying to get an idea of your timeline in comparison to mine and I see that back in early March you were still waiting on a/some letter(s) to be sent in to complete your application.

    I had everything turned in on March 15th for a part-time Summer 2017 application for the critical care concentration in Acute Care Peds, had my application go to "ready for review" on March 23, was contacted for an interview on March 23, interviewed on April 6th, and received an email on April 12th from admissions@nursing.upenn.edu, with the subject line "University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Application: Decision Posted" stating that I needed to return to my online application to view the decision. I was thrilled to find that I was greeted with a congratulatory email.

    Hopefully, you will hear more soon and also read the same email!

    I am applying for Part-Time Acute Care Peds Oncology Concentration. My final letter posted 3/1/17 and I have yet to be contacted for interview or decision and I am starting to get worried! However, I applied for fall part-time and from what I have read on other threads it can take longer for them to get to Fall Part time than summer which makes sense. I don't know if there is any other way to contact them or provide additional materials to support my application.

    Congratulations on your acceptance! That is so exciting!
  2. by   PedsKBEnurse1
    I am applying for fall part time acute care peds oncology concentration. my last recommendation letter was submitted 3/1. Either I am not having much luck or it is because I am applying for fall. I called earlier in March and they said because I live in the Philly area and am applying part time that it may take longer to hear. I hope this doesn't mean bad news though!

    Congratulations on your acceptance!!
  3. by   PedsNurse3
    I bet you're right and that they are just taking a while to get to fall part-time applications because there is still a long while prior to those classes starting. Also keep in mind that it's a different assistant program director for critical care and oncology, so s/he might be going through the applications a bit slower. I wish you the best of luck!
  4. by   PedsKBEnurse1
    I must have spoke too soon last week because I received an email Friday evening that told me a decision had been made (without an interview) and I was accepted for Fall 2017! So excited!
  5. by   PedsNurse3
    Congratulations! That is wonderful news!
  6. by   Heartaflutter
    Congratulations! I'm still waiting for a response. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed!
  7. by   RNinTheCity
    Hi All,
    Here is a similar thread:
    Penn FNP 2017

    my response to that thread:
    Hi All,

    i applied in January of this year. I emailed admissions about 2 weeks ago to ask when we would be notified of admission status. No one answered my email, so I wrote back again last week and received two responses. The first stated that notifications would be mailed out during the last week of April. I received a second email from a different person a few days later stating that admissions was flooded with summer session applicants, thus resulting in a delay of review of Fall FNP applications. So, I am patiently (or trying to be patient anyways) awaiting the notification of (hopeful) admission... it's pretty frustrating cuz you know, LIFE. I guess you just gotta roll with the punches. Hoping it works out because it's the only school I applied to!

    Just throwing a question out there - why did you apply to UPenn even though they do not offer a DNP program? I have been a nurse for 10 years now, I'm not getting any younger - I really like that the program is 16 months in length. When I talk to younger nurses, or new grads, they say they are interested in getting the DNP over with, and I've met a few who have actually declined admission offers from UPenn for this reason - but I'm not as young as them! I think the DNP requirement for NPs will be implemented by 2020. I wanted to finish an MSN FNP program before that deadline. I would like to get my DNP in the future, probably from a California State School while working full time. That's just an idea right now.

    It is also really affordable to live in Philly (compared to NYC, my current home). Obviously, it is also one of the top nursing schools in the nation. It took me a long time to decide to even consider applying.

    Also - did anyone apply for full-time FNP admission on this thread? I had all of my letters turned in by October and application completed in February. I'm getting really anxious about not having heard about a decision yet
  8. by   Heartaflutter
    Hi RNinthecity!

    Did you apply for FT for the FNP program? When I went to the open house, they had said they had filled the FT Fall 2017 cohort, but were still accepting PT students. I believe if you applied for FT and are accepted, they may give a later start date (like January 2018, but I'm not 100% sure).

    I applied to UPenn because I wanted to be able to obtain my MSN prior to DNP, similar to you. I can always continue to get my DNP at a later time and spread out the debt I am about to accumulate . It sounds like UPenn isn't far from extending some of their programs into DNP similar to what they did with the Nurse Anesthetist program.

    PS I did receive my letter of acceptance. Very excited! I do have to say not to give up hope. It seems that they do not have a pattern for sending out decisions. If you haven't heard anything back yet, it still means you're in the running
  9. by   sajRN
    Hi CoffeeQ1PRN,

    I'm interested in applying for UPenn's full time program. I noticed on the additional information section of the application, there are sections to fill out if you completed Bio and chem. My nursing program did not require I complete those courses. I noticed on the admission requirements that only stats is required. Did you complete the other courses on there as well? My BSN GPA was 3.8, I understand the GRE is then waived. Did you waive it as well?

    Thanks! I'd love to ask you more questions!
  10. by   CoffeeQ1PRN
    Hi sajRN

    I personally did take chem and bio, however I do not believe they are required for the program. If got your BSN without those classes I would not worry about it.
    I also got the GRE waived. I believe most if not all accepted students were not required to take the GRE based on GPA.
  11. by   sajRN
    Thank you for getting back to me! Do you mind me asking what your work experience includes? I've been on a cardiothoracic surgical step down floor at a level 1 trauma center for the past two years. I plan on moving to the ICU soon as I believe it would be of great value to have that experience. Do you think that is necessary for the AG-ACNP program? Thanks!
  12. by   TolDoll
    I sent you a PM
  13. by   RNaroundtheworld
    I just completed the full time AGACNP program last month - there are plenty of people who graduated in our class who didn't have ICU experience and got by just fine. There are a few lectures (and a technologies class) that may require you to spend a little more time 'preparing' for class by reading an article or two that they provide so you are familiar with the topic, for example CRRT or vent settings but everyone passed so I assume it couldn't have been too bad without ICU experience!