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Post delivery MgSo4 recovery

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My hospital has LDR's. C-section & NSVD recoveries that were to remain on MgSO4 for 12 to 24 hrs were to remain in the LDR until MgSo4 was turned off and then they were moved to the Mother Baby unit. Recently it has been discussed whether pts on MgSO4 should be moved to the Mother Baby unit while still running the Mg.

Would like to know what your hospital does in these cases. I am located in Illinois. If you could tell my what level your hospital is, where you are located, how you handle the post delivery pt still on MgSO4., staff/pt ratio for Rn with the Mg pt. I would appreciate it. Thanks


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This should probably be moved to the OBGYN/Midwives forum, you will get a beter response.

We have pt's on Mag also, but we fortunately have a high risk maternal unit that is staffed by L&D and takes all of these pt's. They have much lower ratios and can handle anything criticle. They take all Mag p'ts, all diabetics, and anyone who has any high risk factors, like excessive blood loss. I think these pt's remain 1:4 ratio for 12-24 hours or until the Mag is off. They require Q2 hr reflex checks and lung sounds, strickt I&o, they are bedrest with BRP, and are not allowed to keep their baby in the room with them except for feedings while the Mag is still on.

I work in a high risk L&D unit in New Mexico.

I hope this helps. I want to see what others say also!

we have ldrs as well. We L&D nurses take the patients or, if there is a bed available in the antepartum unit, she goes down there.

Our ratio remains 1:2 (we'll have another laboring pt) if the pt is still pregnant. If she's been delivered, then the ratio is 1:2 or 1:3, depending on whether we have other Mag'ers or laboring pts.

The only time the pt would go to PP is if the Mag is completely off. Otherwise they stay with us or go to Antepartum.

We have a pretty high risk population so if they're Mag'ers then they have foleys, restricted visitation, minimal stimulation, etc, along with DTR/lung rounds, I&O......

We've had a few DIC and HELLP pts hit the ICU lately...t'was the season??:smokin:

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