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I am new to instructing clinicals. I am doing them for labor and delivery, triage, post partum and antepartum. Any ideas for post confrences and learning experiences

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One thing I notice is that clinical time is shorter than actual shifts,and students miss out on the vital experience of giving report. As those of us who work the bedside know, giving a good report is an important skill and also one of the most stressful times for new nurses. I have decided to incorporate one student giving an SBAR report into post-confrence including a debriefing period that allows input from all.


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I always try to correlate the post-conference discussion with the main concepts they are learning in class. I almost always ask questions that require getting out the tabers,davis or med-surg......


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I enjoy talking about failure to progress vs failure to wait, lol. Also, fetal demise and newborn death- organizations such as Now I lay me down to sleep provide good information. I also lead a discussion on how many interventions they have seen in our high-intervention focused deliveries (ex- how many patients have you seen that have not had ANY augmentation of labor?)

We play rhythm strip bingo (that is a popular one) and play games using NCLEX questions.

A good basic overview of equipment such as neopuff and explanation (on a basic level) of NRP goes a long way in alleviating anxiety.

We also have quick scenarios (such as shoulder dystocia, prolapsed cord, pre-eclampsia assessment, simulation of a call from a client who thinks she might be in labor, etc) and see how the students react.

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