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Post-Baccalaureate Nursing

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Hello everyone,

I have Masters in Public Health (MPH) and I find it extremely hard to land a job, so I've decided to go back to school. I am really considering Post-Baccalaureate Nursing  or The Master of Nursing program. These are full time programs for students with a baccalaureate degree in a non-nursing field.

Some friends have suggested ultrasound tech or Physician assistant programs as well.

I am really confused right now and don't know what to go for, and how to get started.

I live in MN and University of Minnesota has Master of Nursing 16 month program, but I don't mind moving if there is anything shorter or better.

Please tell me what you guys think.

Thank you.


llg specializes in Nursing Professional Development.

If you want to be a nurse, be a nurse.   A master's level entry degree is a legitimate way to do that.   If you choose that route, just be sure you choose a good school -- and be prepared to start nursing with an entry-level job even though you will have and MSN.   New grads are new grads, no matter what program they go to and need a little time in practice to make the successful transition to practicing nurse.   But once you get a year or so of experience as a nurse, that MSN will help you move up the career ladder to higher level positions faster.

You don't have to start nursing with an MSN:  you can start with a BSN or ADN.   It all depends on your personal preferences and situation.   A lot of people in your position start with ADN's and enter the workforce quickly to save money.   Then they let their employers help pay for them to go to a program that gets them from ADN to MSN (or DNP) as they go to school part time while working and gaining hands on experience.   But starting with an MSN is also good.

If you think being an ultrasound tech or PA will make you happy, then do that.   No one can tell you what will work best for you.  You have to choose the career that will suit YOU best.   All 3 careers (nurse, u/s tech, PA) do different types of work.   Which type of work appeals to you the most?   That should be your main question to start with.   What type of work do you want to do for the rest of your life?

Thanks so much for your response. Ultrasound tech isn't on my list anymore, so that's out of the way. Now I am trying to ask around and decide between PA vs Nursing. 

From your experience could you tell me the main differences between them? 

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