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I am hoping to become a nurse and might be moving to Alabama. I have inlaws in Huntsville so we will probably be in or near there. I would prefer to become a LPN/LVN so I can get a job after a year of school but would also consider an accellerated BSN program if I could become an RN in two years or less. Are there any tech schools or community colleges that have applications open for Winter or Spring term? I have a 3.98 prereq GPA which includes stats, micro, nutrition, biochem, chem, 3 A&P classes, 2 psych classes and english, however I am not a CNA. Do tech schools there require CNA certification prior to application? I truly know nothing about the area or the schools there so any advice is appreciated!


The schools here do not require CNA certification prior to starting nursing school. You may want to consider just going on with an ADN or BSN program since you have so many classes completed and your GPA looks great. Rumor has it that most hospitas have or will stop hiring LPNs pretty soon (so you would be working in a Dr's office or nursing home). If you attend a community college you will have an ADN degree in 5 semesters (about a year and a half). Good luck with your move.

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