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Hello, I am an RN currently residing in TN, but my husband and I are considering moving back to New England, possibly to the Portsmouth, NH area. I am curious as to how the NH nurses feel about the pay and nurses' union support in your state. I know there is a salary clculator on this website but I don't think it tells the right story just the best case scenario. It told me that the current state I am living in had an average salary double what I've found out nurses actually make here. And can anyone point me in the direction of hospitals, offices, VAs or other places to apply that have good benefits, schedules, and pay? I really appreciate any advice. Thanks, Lupin


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Hmmm, not getting any results here. I would really like to hear from you NH nurses. This is one factor that can make a difference in where we move to. Any help is appreciated.


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I don't know if I'll be of any help but my mother is a nurse, LPN, she makes around $88,000/yr BUT she also works two jobs one I know is FT and the other I'm not so sure b/c she doesn't work a full shift. I am aware that currently in this state that all hospitals are making a transition of ONLY having RNs in their facilities, so it would be to your benefit as an RN if you moved to a larger city like Nashua, Manchester, or Concord. I haven't heard "fantastic" things about the seascoast facilities but I do know of an amazing assisted living community in Exeter.


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I work for Portmouth's sister hospital in Derry, NH. I just changed to per diem status, but before that worked 36 hours/week and commuted from MA. I thought the pay was pretty low but the cost of living where I am is much higher than in NH. My hospital is non-union and has a fair share of staffing issues, especially on the med-surg floor. There aren't a ton of positions in NH, but there are some. Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Lebanon generally has open positions and often times in a specialty. Good luck.

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