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I've recently been thinking about relocating to Boston, MA. It seems that NICU jobs in MA are hard to find & when you do find them they want a min. of 3-5yrs. :( I'm really interested in working at Brigham & Women's Hopsital. Was wondering if anybody knows somebody that works in the NICU there, or in the hospital there in general. Was it hard to get on?!

Anybody work in a NICU anywhere in Boston? Tips you could give would be helpful. Thanks! :nurse:


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They've had a hiring freeze for the NICU at B&W for over a year now. They were hiring just per diem very briefly at one point but that dropped off. Off and on BIDMC will have one or two openings but they just went through a horrific low census period where they were talking about lay offs, their census is up again but it's going to take awhile to make up for how much they lost during that time. My friend is a NICU nurse at BI. Your best bet is South Shore Hospital, they usually have at least one opening and have levels II-III. You could also try St. Elizabeth's in Brighton. Most places in Boston have been hiring minimally for a long time now, even for experienced nurses. Hospitals in this area are in the red-yellow for the most part, it's a really tough economic time right now out here...even for the major corporate partnerships. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Experienced nurses are really panicked that it's such a tough market when they relocate out here.


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took the liberty of posting some links that I found on indeed.com. I knwo a nurse who has worked at B&W for over 20 years, mainly in the NICU and she loves it. I too want to work in the NICU one day when I obtain my RN good luck!





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Thanks for all the information I greatly appreciate it!

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