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Possible relocation to Dallas Area

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I'm an LPN (LVN) with a license from a compact state. I finished my AAS/Nursing in August and took job as a GNI in MO. Well, I didn't pass MO boards so the hospital has put me out to pasture :rotfl: . I'm not sure if I have a job with them or not. They know I am an LPN, but when asked told me to let them know when I pass my RN boards. I really ticked off - as I bought a house here and haven't worked in 1 month.:uhoh3:

A friend suggested I try Dallas as an LPN then take boards later once I'm back on my feet financially. Can anyone give me information on hospitals in the Dallas area that utilize LPNs and what the pay rate is. I have approximately 1 1/2 years experience.

Any additional advise is truly appreciated - I'm definitely DESPERATE!!!

Thanks in advance.


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