is it possible for a new grad to get a part time job?


I will be getting licensed in July if all goes well. I have been researching part time jobs and have some nurses tell me it is not possible to work part time before you have two years full time experience. Any words of wisdom out there? I would think there would be some hospitals who would welcome being able to have someone on board who is not looking for full time benefits and salary. Am I dreaming?

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Is it possible...well, anything's possible but it's not likely. The hospitals don't want someone on board who has no experience and will take twice as long to bring up to speed as a full-timer regardless of the theoretical savings.

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I guess anything is possible ... but I wouldn't count on it. I've never worked for a hospital that would allow a new grad to work part time. A new grad needs many weeks of orientation (followed by a couple of months of independent practice) to reach the competent phase of development. If that educational process is broken up into little bits and/or conducted on an intermittent schedule, it slows the new grad's development down even further. So a good hospital (with a good orientation program) will want you to work full time - or very nearly full time - for a while before letting you work a part time schedule.


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thanks for the info FlyingScot and llg. Looks like I will have to work 3 day weekends for a while then, to balance out with my other life requirements. That is if I am lucky to find such a schedule.