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Possible LPN to RN program at Hocking College

Has 2 years experience. Specializes in Home Health.

I am currently going to Hocking College for their Part-Time Evening/Weekend LPN program. This program has been a wonderful experience and it is very convenient for my schedule. I am still able to work my full time day job. I go to school 2-3 nights per week (depending on the quarter) and then I have my clinicals on Saturday & Sunday every other week. Its been rough at times, but I am glad I decided to do it this way because I was still able to work and its also at a slower pace than the day program (1 day quarter-3mos = 1 evening quarter - 6 mos). Obviously a 4 quarter program has taken me 8.. but again for me it was the best decision.

Now... they have been talking about creating an Evening/Weekend RN program as well! This will be the first of its kind for Hocking. This is something I really really REALLY want to see happen! I honestly don't know how I would be able to manage going full time during the day and still having a job--in fact I couldn't. And then that would hurt us financially. There are a lot of others in my class who feel the same way. We are all really depending on this program to take off so we can continue our education as planned.

One problem.

The college is requiring at least 30 people to sign up for the E/W RN program to make it worth while. We only have 11 people signed up from our class. Now.. that's a problem.

So they told us that they are going to try to reach out to people to see if there is an interest among other LPN's who wish to obtain their RN license. They usually don't advertise, because they always have a waiting list, but in this case since it is new this is the only way to get the word out and there will not be a wait.

If things work out, they are hoping to begin this program in the Spring '09 quarter. The day program usually lasts 3 quarters (9 months), so the night program would be 6 quarters (18 months) but they are thinking of making it an accelerated program lasting 12 months.

So please if you or anyone you know is an LPN and would be interested in obtaining your RN through the part time evening/weekend program either message me for more information or call Lynne Peterson at 1-877-468-5464.

You can go to Hocking's Website to read more about the school and check out the School of Nursing for more information on the program (note that the RN program is only listed as full time day at this time)

Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested!

I want this to be an option, so we are going to have to make it happen!



Hey Tina, I graduated from Hocking in 2003. I just wanted to add that Hocking makes sure the nursing students are ready for the real world when they graduate. I loved the program and the teaching staff are always there for you when you have a question. Anyone who would be questioning this college should know you won't get a better education experience anywhere else. I know a few LPN's who are interested in obtaining their RN so I will let them know about this new program, hopefully some of them will be interested.

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