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Hi, I just interviewed for an ER RN position today, I'm pretty excited because it went very well, the charge nurse said she gave me an "A plus" and says they should contact me soon.

Here's their ER Stats, was wondering how this sounds. The hospital is pretty small, only 130 beds. The ER itself is about 13 beds I believe she said, they have 4 day shift rns, 4 nights, and 1 that works 11a-11p and a 1p-1a rn too. There is only one tech for days, and one for nights. They see an average of 60-70 pts per day, and the most they've seen is alittle over 100. If I get the position I'll get a month orientation 2 weeks days, 2 weeks 11-11 and then I'll go to 1p-1a.

Just wanted to ask some ER nurses here if that sounded like a good ER to work in,? as I'm new to the ER, have 1 year ICU stepdown as an rn and 1 year as a tech in the icu.



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Congratulations on your "possible" new position -

In response to your question it's kind of hard to say if this is a good job or not.

It's one thing to have 4 (four) RNs on duty at a given time, but if each of them has 8 patients, then that's not good enough....!

Other questions you might want to ask...

1) How many patients will you be required to care for at one time

2) Can they GUARANTEE you a tech every shift?

3) Will you have to take call?

4) Do they cover call ins?

5) Has the Nurse Manager ever had to come in and take an assignment

6) How much experience will you get before getting to be "triage"; will you get "formal" triage training?

7) Will you get other ER training (TNCC, ENPC)

8) What kind of training do you get for conscious sedation?

9) What is your role during "overwhelming census"

10) Can they guarantee that you will nevr flat

11) Do you get relief and get to leave the unit for lunch/breaks? Guaranteed?

Hope this helps!


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Excellent things to consider. I work in an ER at a 500+bed hospital, and I absolutely love it. I liked working on the floor, but working in the ER is "for me." (as cheesy as it sounds)! It's a completely different world, so much more independent and unpredictable, but it's great. Definitely consider the 11 questions mentioned above, there are a lot of "internal" things like that you have to consider.

Congratulations, and good luck!

Jessica, RN, EMT-P

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Good questions suggested by mboswell. I think I'll keep that list for future reference! :)

To the OP -- that ER sounds similar to mine, except that we have 15 beds, and sometimes only 3 RNs, but that's not a good day. Three is our bare minimum -- someone takes triage and rooms 1-5 (fast track), someone else in 6-10, someone else in 11-15. There have been days with only three RNs, no tech, and a secretary. We'll give up a tech before we'll give up a secretary! But our regular staffing is four RNs, one tech, a secretary, and one doctor; we also have a PA from noon until 10 pm.

I would also ask if they offer any formal ER orientation, like a fellowship. I did an ER fellowship after I started in the ER, and it was fabulous -- classroom and online training, which I really enjoyed. There were more seasoned, non-ER nurses in the class as well, so it wasn't only for new grads. The orientation content was all ENA-driven.


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:yeah:I GOT THE JOB!!!:yeah:

I'm so excited!!! I'm giving a month notice to my current position, but cannot wait to be an ER nurse!! I've gotta scramble to find an ACLS class, as they require it before I can start!!

So stoked!!

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Congrats!!! How exciting!

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