more possibilities for travel CM's


Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be more short term contract and travel positions for case managers? I always thought it was more for hospital nursing but I'm seeing more and more job postings for short term contracts. Are companies having a hard time finding employees or do they want short term employees to meet deadlines?

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I do not know if what you have written is the reason... I work for one hospital that has always used travel nurses on contract (at least 2 for 3-6 months) because it also has a high turnover rate and it is hard to get normal staff to show up to work! In fact, I have showed up to shifts where the travel, short hour, and Per Diem nurses were the only ones on staff that day (Also the SH and PD nurses were given bonuses to show up). Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that Nurse CM travel positions in the hospital setting are not ideal. The only positive (as I am told by travel nurses) is the fact that they are ONLY traveling and that they can count down to the day when they can leave. So, be careful. Also, good luck!