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I had recieved a temporary license from Texas, took a position, packed up camp and moved. Get here and recieve notice that my temporary license is suspended because my background check came back positive. I had totally forgotten, since I was 17, a juvenile and the case was thrown out of court, that I had been arrested. So, the letter asks for a detailed written description, which I provided the BON. I also called the state where the incident occurred. They said, "oh, we are sorry, that should have been expunged in 1983, we will do that for you now", tell your employer to run your prints again, they won't show up any more". GREAT.

The BON told me I needed proof that these charges were expunged, which the DPS sent a certified letter stating this. My question is, as I am waiting endlessly in Texas is...How long will they make me wait. They did not ask for a $150 fee for investigation, which I have seen others have been required. Should I assume the case is of a lesser degree and it will take less time to process? Or should I expect a letter any day now requesting further investigation and my fee?? I just can't believe this is happening. I hold a license in 2 other states and never had a problem. I did not check yes on the box if I had ever been arrested as it happened so long ago (26 yrs) that I had truly forgotten.

Typically, how long is texas taking to process these cases??

Any encouragement is appreciated.



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Good Luck. It takes Texas forever to take care of anything legal.


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lovinursing- I am having a somewhat similar issue. How much time went by before you received your license?

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