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Positions for OB Instructors in Southern Cali


Specializes in Mother/Baby;L/D. Has 8 years experience.

Does anyone know of any Southern California schools that need OB clinical instructors (ADN or BSN)??? I just graduated and would like to utilize my degree!!!!

Thanks... (I'm in Long Beach btw!!)

tothepointeLVN, LVN

Specializes in Hospice / Ambulatory Clinic. Has 3 years experience.

Do you have experience as an RN? I know most of the vocational nursing schools always seem to be hiring instructors if you ahve 3-5 years of floor experience

According to the BRN you must have several years experience as floor nurse before you're allowed to work as a clinical instructor. Also the CA BRN must approve you, so you're not only applying to the school for a job but you're also applying to the CA BRN. Many factors that you must consider. Your best bet is to visit the CA BRN website for more information. Good Luck