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Hello Everyone,

I am currently applying to nursing programs and one of my top schools requires an Ethics class. I was told that it was possible to take the course at my regular college, but that the school would also accept portage learning. I like that portage goes at your pace, but I have been looking at reviews for this site and so far only seen advice mainly for the science class. I was wondering if anyone has taken Ethics or a non-science class and can give feedback on the structure of the class, the workload, and interaction with their professors. I really would prefer to finish this class sooner compared to taking it over a semester. Thanks for the help.


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Honestly, I'd recommend taking your ethics class at the school. It's way more fun that way. Ethics is a boring subject without the debate.

I agree, but I was hoping to finish the class sooner by taking it online rather than waiting out a whole semester.

did u ever complete the ethics on portage? i’m enrolled now and curious on how hard it is

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