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  1. I am currently in my second semester of nursing school, and I think I want to drop out and switch majors. A little background: In junior year of high school, I took some classes at a health career cen
  2. Hello everyone, I received my acceptance to TWUs FNP program and was wondering if anyone else is beginning in Summer 2021. If so, I was wondering where you are in the process because Ive finished the
  3. Just got accepted into Walden. I kept looking and comparing Walden and University of South Alabama since I have co workers in both programs on which one is better in terms of support and cheaper to go
  4. I am currently in an ABSN program which I regret going to, as the program has been absolutely hell. Currently no one in my cohort is passing due to the lack of support and learning materials through m
  5. Anyone applying to Blinns LVN to RN transition program set to start Summer 2021?
  6. Hi! I am just wondering if your nursing instructors review the exams after they are taken? Like do they give you credit on particular questions where a lot of students didn’t do well?! or do you just
  7. Hi Future Nurses, Starting a forum for the Fall 2021 cycle at Santa Ana College! I wanted to start this to keep in contact with each other and share any information during our application process. Bes
  8. Mattie Barone

    PICO help

    Here is my original pico question.... when working with limited English proficiency patients, what is the impact on patient satisfaction and safety between using professional translator options vs non
  9. I just got my RN a couple of months ago and am now finishing up my BSN. I am getting so frustrated with my classes, as so far absolutely nothing has had anything to do with on the floor nursing. Perha
  10. Hello everyone, I recently graduated with a non-nursing bachelors and a GPA of 3.1. I’m interested in nursing and will be taking general nursing pre-reqs this Summer Ap1&2, micro etc. Which progra
  11. Hi, Im a pre nursing student and looking to attend ST Pauls school of nursing in Staten Island,ny. I was just wondering if anyone on here has attended the school or knows about it. I have been hearing
  12. Hello all! I was curious to see if anyone here has applied for Florida States BSN to DNP program?
  13. Hello, I am an RN working on my BSN. For my assignment this week, I have to find a policy at a healthcare organization related to cost controls. I have been looking on the websites of my local hospita
  14. Hi all, After being on the pre-physician assistant track for two years, I made the decision to switch to nursing. I will be applying to ABSN programs for fall 2021 entry soon and I ran into a question
  15. Hey Everyone! Just wondering who else applied for the Fall 2021 ADN program at Grossmont College? If so how many points did you apply with? Are you applying anywhere else? I applied with 84 points to
  16. I just have a general question about giving someone oxygen I was never really given a guide on this so I was wondering for example if I had a patient whose spo2 is 90 if this value is not normal for a
  17. Hello! I was accepted to Yales GEPN Program and UPenns BSN/MSN Program. I was admitted into both for the FNP specialty, although I am hoping to get to focus on the populations I am most interested in
  18. I am so desperate for someone to lead me in the right direction PLEASE! I graduated Nursing School a few years ago. I didnt make the highest grades, but I always stayed about my 80% that I had to. I m