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  1. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    Opening Texas

    Our governor has decided to lift all the state mandates re: mask wearing and business operating capacity. Now we wait for TEA to decide how schools respond. https://www.ksat.com/news/local/2021/03/02/
  2. BooBooCrew

    Staying or Going?

    Judging from the post a few posts down titled Tired of being the bad guy I can tell its been a mess of a year for everyone, not just me and not just Texas. I didnt think I would make it through this y
  3. We are finally going back in person, hybrid, in March. I need some office policies. What have you implemented? My school is K-6, and we have a medical waiting room (covid only), but for non covid visi
  4. Ive decided to leave school nursing - its just not for me. I dont want to leave them without a nurse right now so I was planning on staying for the rest of the school year. I applied to a peds clinic
  5. Do you keep medications like tylenol or ibuprofen for staff in your office? When I first came to this school there were several bottles of otc meds left, not students meds. They have since expired and
  6. SO, I graduated in 2019 in July from the FNP program. IVe taken the ANCC and AANP, no luck. I rate in the 50%s I need to be in the 70s%. Im so disappointed. I stopped pushing myself. IVe done all the
  7. 2 years ago the health department delivered about 200 magnets and brochures to me for meningococcal b. My kids dont want them. I cant think of anything to do with all of them and they just take up spa
  8. Hello, our unit recently rolled out BIS monitoring for paralyzed patients. We already use train-of-four for monitoring paralysis. However, the education we were provided on the floor was pretty much h
  9. I have been interested in hospice nursing since nursing school and my experience at the bedside has made me want it even more. I put my goal of hospice on the back burner to get a few years of experie
  10. Hi, Going to be a new grad CNM soon and really love FSBCs. But I also have some hefty school loans. Would anyone mind sharing with me what I could expect salary-wise? Google and the ACNM website haven
  11. I have been an RN for 14 years and have worked as a nurse manager for almost 2 years. I am starting to feel like I might want to return to floor nursing, med/surf, something with 3 12s per week. I fee
  12. Care of the patient undergoing surgery can involve a large variety of staff who come from a variety of specialties and settings. Here is a brief overview of some (but likely not all!) team members who may be involved in …
  13. Hello School Health Office friends! 🤗 Just a quick question: anyone having any luck finding nitrile gloves at a decent price? If so, where? Help a fellow nurse out. Hope you are all doing well! Thank
  14. NewNursy20

    Hemostatic Implants

    Hi all, heres a question Ive pondered for a couple of months that maybe one of you can help me out with. When a surgeon asks for Surgicel powder for a procedure, it does not count as an implant at my
  15. Ive noticed a lot more a fibs looking like runs of VT, but am told they are most likely afib with aberrancy how do you know that they are not VT . the rate ends up being in the 150s or more ( so RVR)
  16. Hi everyone! Im in the process of getting my MSN (I graduate in a few months!), but managed to land a job as a nursing instructor for a small towns ADN program. Ive had zero experience teaching in the
  17. Hello! I am a nurse who has been CCRN certified for 3 years. I got behind on my CEUs (grad school, COVID, and moving is a lot...) and was trying to rush to finish them at the end of my renewal period.
  18. Hey everyone! I am going to be graduating nursing school in a couple of months. I am doing my senior practicum capstone on the mother and infant unit. I noticed that sometimes I have trouble talking t