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Poor gpa from past ruin my chances?


Hey everyone! So, back story.. I'm 23. I started at my CC in 2012 not really knowing what my plan was--no end goal in mind. I got mostly C's, few A's and B's but barely. My gpa is crappy. I was a lazy, unmotivated student. I was going for child development so I have a lot of ECE/human development units. I was a preschool teacher all throughout school. This went on off and on until Spring 2015. 2016 I decided to go to become a licensed esthetician. I did awesome in school, graduated with honors/dean's list, got my license and now have my own business! But I just want more for myself. Flash forward to a few days ago--talking to a client who is in nursing school. I said "I'm not smart enough to be a nurse," and she told me to never say that and to go for it! I've nannied for a handful of nurses. I admire them SO much, and I cannot kick the thought of going back to school. The only thing is, my gpa is poor and my transcripts are embarrassing. I'm a completely different student than I was then.

So I guess my is, do you think I have a chance? I'm willing to do whatever it takes; even if I have to retake old classes to fix my gpa. I know nursing is so competitive, I just don't know if I'll be able to redeem myself enough to be accepted anywhere.

My best advice is to apply to a nursing program with a waitlist. They will accept EVERYONE.

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Do you have your prerequisites done? I would start there. Research where you want to go to school.