Policy for disinfecting Dinamaps and VS monitors


My facility just got 2 brand new Dinamaps and we are writing the policy on the machines. I need some input on what everyone is using to clean the BP cuffs and monitors. We use Super Sani-cloths and GE won't tell me if they are an acceptable disinfectant between patients. What is everyone else's policy on dinamaps and portable vital sign machines/monitors?

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Manufacturers won't endorse any particular cleaning product (unless it's theirs), they typically leave that to each facility. Patient specific BP cuffs are a really good idea with these machines, particularly when you consider the requirements of 'proper' cleaning. Unlike many of the policies and procedures facilities use, the specifics of how to use most disinfectant products are legally defined, as opposed to being a recommendation by various entities that aren't legally enforceable. Disinfectants carry an FDA label for use. Under the Federal insecticide, fungicide, and rodenticide act, it's a felony to use these products outside of the directions for use, and the directions for use typically require that porous products (such as the nylon of BP cuffs) be saturated with the product and then allowed to air dry, which take up to 30 minutes per cuff. So to use properly, and legally, you'd have to wait 30 minutes between patients if you are sharing cuffs, which is why patient specific cuffs make more sense.