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I left a home health agency in January for another job. I normally worked alone, at one of 4 clients' homes. I received a letter from the agency today that one of those 4 clients is alleging a felony-level theft of items from his/her home. The agency is cooperating with local police, and is asking us to do the same. Apparently they are also reviewing video from the client's home and from local pawn shops. I know I did not do it, and I never observed behavior like this from a coworker. What should I be doing right now?

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Well if you didn't do it you shouldn't have anything to worry about; innocent till proven guilt thing. If there is video to review, that should make your position even stronger. My spouse is a home health PT and was accused, among others, of stealing from a patient; with a history of dementia. Because of the allegation against a licensed health care provider the state PT governing body was compelled to have their own investigation. Ultimately the allegation was deemed without grounds and all were cleared but there were some worrisome times before it was over. If you ever get questioned by the police just cooperate fully. If you ever get charged with something, of course, you'll need to hire an attorney. Often in these cases, there is some saber rattling but nothing formal ever comes out of it.