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4 point leathers / and a miracle !


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:heartbeat i worked in the trauma unit with my sister the rn

i was her teck , they called a level 2 trauma and it was a head case . a young man that was on his motorcycle was having a head bleed and was out of control , intoxicated and was a risk to himself and others , so we had the doctor order the 4 point leather restriants for him

it took 6 of us plus the security guards to get the leathers on him and they administered atavan

to calm him down .

our wild man was in detoxing from the alchol

and finally after 3 days he woke up and

found his self tied with arms stright out to his side and

feet together

he was crying like a little baby

and begged the staff to take off the restraints

prior to his wild episodes they had to keep them on him due to his violence , the colorfull words

and the spitting

but this time michale was like a small child

begging for those restraints to be taken off

my sister went in there and talked in a soft voice to him stating he had to behave or they go right back on him !

he agreed and after they took the restraints off

maichale cried big tears

he looked at the nursing staff and said

"oh thank you " "i felt like i was jesus on the cross "


and we couldnt help but laugh :heartbeat


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And he had restraints on for 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you hear that? Sue happy pts do!!!!

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