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I am starting LPN school in August. I am considering buying an HP Pocket Pc to use for school. It is expensive, but if it would help me through school I will buy it. I don't know exactly what you do with them and if it is something that I will get a lot of use out of?

Any suggestions?

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I don't have a Pocket PC, I have a Palm OS. This is my third day of LPN school, and I have already been using my gizmo for my Taber's and the assignment keeping program called 4.0Student. My instructor was very pleased I had one, she said that it will make clinicals that much easier. Students are responsible for their own references for clinical, and we have to carry a pocket dictionary and a book called LPN Notes. We are also able to buy clipboards with different nursing appropriate formulas on them, but I also have a nursing calculator installed (through the Pepid program) which does any calculation I may need. Since I have my Clie, my dictionary is always on me, and I have RNotes installed, which is by the same publisher as LPN Notes, but geared toward RNs. The main difference between the two is that LPN Notes has a little more emphasis on geriatrics according to my instructor, which is okay, because you can download a free geriatric care program. I am happy I bought it. I am organized, and I will have less things to carry to both class and clinical.


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Thank you for your response. I am bidding on e-bay for the sam eone. Can you tell me where you got your programs from (rn-notes, drug guides, etc.) and what they cost?


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Taber's, RNotes, Pepid, Medical Mnemonics (free), Big Clock (free), Netter's Anatomy, Archimedes (free), Davis' Drug Guide, NurProc, WordSmith (synchs perfectly with Microsoft Word), and diagnosaurus (free). They are all demos, except for the first three, which I paid for. I believe the Taber's was 49.95, the RNotes was 29.95, and Pepid, which is a yearly subscription that I haven't bought yet, but plan to. Visit www.skyscape.com and find demos. Then, choose which programs will work for you, buy those serial numbers from Skyscape, and uninstall the rest!:) Pepid is www.pepid.com.

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