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PNPs! career advice please!

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I have my BSN and I've been looking into MSN programs--- esp. PNP programs. I would love to hear about anything you have to say....school advice, regrets, exc. What does your day consist of? Where do you work? I really need help deciding if PNP is for me! thank you!


Specializes in PICU. Has 23 years experience.

I'm still finishing my PNP-AC degree, 5 weeks to go. Woohoo! From what I've seen, a lot of it depends on who you will work for, be it your collaborating physicians (depending on your state) or your hospital. The general impression I'm getting from seeing several different PNPs' roles in my hospital is that it is still a job being developed. Honestly, in some ways I feel like the ICU and transport nurses have more autonomy than some of the PNPs. However, I've done clinicals at an ICU in a separate children's hospital and their PNPs are very autonomous, place CVLs, intubate, etc. I'm a tad disillusioned, yet I don't regret this long journey. I just hope I'll be able to find the right position for me.

The clinic positions are primarily 8-5p M-F whereas the ICU PNPs rotate day/night 12-hour shifts, weekends, holidays, etc. I guess it's really where you want to be at the end.

GL in your journey!