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PNP versus FNp. Drexel?

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I'm going back and forth between the two and just don't know what to do? Will I be able to find a job as a PNP or should I have a broader backup plan. I do not want adults and am afraid I won't get enough peds education and won't be desirable as a PNP applicant. Also, does anyone have any current experience with Drexel online? Are they reputable? Were you prepared for certification?

If you want to work with kids, go for PNP. More and more places are not hiring FNPs to work in peds settings. Drexel's program is well-respected.

4 year NICU nurse, 2 years pediatric nurse. I would love to go for my PNP, but after talking to practically all the NPs in my area, be prepared to move where ever. I am shying away from it because of that sadly :(


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I'm doing a PNP. I never want to work with adults. It's simple. The FNP at Drexel is 10 weeks of peds clinicals. That's it. That's not a lot.

I'll be honest as a parent...my children don't see my family doctor so why would they see an FNP? I want somebody who focused on peds because they aren't just little adults.

So my advice is if you only wants peds...specialize as a PNP and get that full education.

Drexel...hard program, some really nice and great instructors, on campus visits each clinical quarter for 2-3 days, great boards pass rate. The PNP crew seems to be on the smaller side while the FNP crew has a lot of people.

Oh and I've heard FNP is just as prepared to do peds as PNP. That's an opinion I don't share. 1 quarter of specific education doesn't equal 4 quarters. The one quarter is a brief overview of peds compared to a full on peds program.