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PNP salary negotiation

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I just finished my MSN and passed the PNCB boards exam last week. I had a potential job lined up from an office that I did my preceptorship (metro Atlanta, GA private practice) at and I think it is a great fit for me. I met with them today to start getting a contract together for me and they offered me a starting salary of 80K for the first year and increasing to 90K for the second year, with regular yearly increases from there in the following years. The main physician and practice owner has never had an NP work for him before, and he said that he "asked around to some of his colleagues in the area" how they pay their new PNPs and thats how he came up with that number. My question to everyone is...is this standard? Were you given a different salary for the first year than the years following? I am just trying to see how hard I should come at them with negotiations. 


Thanks in advance everyone!


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I make significantly more than that as a new NP south of Atlanta.  I would def ask for at least 90,000 if not 100,000$ yearly.  Don’t short yourself.  Trust me.  You will earn every penny of that. 

My general rule of thumb regarding appropriate salary standards is that if I am not making more than what I borrowed for school (plus interest), then I am making too low of a salary to earn a living and pay off my debt.

80K is quite low. I imagine you probably borrowed more than that to obtain your degree.

Back up your argument with objective data from glassdoor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Do a search for "Nurse Practitioner Salary GA." Many sites can be sorted by experience and/or type of practice. Good luck!