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Hello all,

I know it may be a bit early to be thinking this far in the future as I am currently a Nursing Major at a 4 year University and aspiring to obtain my BSN within the next 2 years... but, I have been thinking for a while as my education continues about where I want to be in my nursing career and how I can help the most as a nurse. I have volunteered in the Labor and Delivery setting for a while and I know this is an area I would love to work in. However, I also know, later down the road I want to move on to being an NP and obtain my MSN. I have done research on both PNP-AC, PNP-PC WHNP and FNP programs and what they have to offer and the pediatric side- working with families, young children and childbirth is compelling. I have also recently been looking at Perinatal Nurse Practitioner programs as well, and this path seems to suit all of the things I am looking for, when it comes to working with young children, the process of pregnancy, newborns and mothers combined. On that note, I am struggling on deciding what path would be best for this occupation. Do I gain experience as an RN in labor and delivery for a 1-3 years then apply for a general MSN-NP program and work my way in to the labor and delivery area for a Perinatal NP, or should I go to MSN-FNP route with RN labor and delivery experience and specialize within you can see I need some sense of direction...

I know for sure I want to work in Labor and Delivery temporarily but I want to also expand my education towards a Nurse Practitioner with similar responsibilities to a L&D Nurse (newborns, mother/baby interaction and pregnancy) as well as the independence, and better hours that may constitute with a NP job.

If anyone has similar interests and knows of a good path to take that is worthwhile (the most educational experience) and will benefit me the most, please help!!

Thank you

Sounds like you want to be a nurse midwife.

And if you also want to be able to see kids you could get your dual FNP/CNM to be able to see women in pregnancy, deliver their babies, and then see their family throughout the rest of their lifespan. This is highly sought after in my area.

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