I am currently in my first year in a PNP program. I know down the line I will consider getting my DNP. My question is when I get my DNP, does that open me up to practice with all ages or am I still limited to Pedi's?


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This is a common question about DNP degrees. A post masters DNP degree (like you are talking about) does not change your base APRN (NP) degree, or augment it, to do that you would want a post-masters certificate in another area (say FNP or PMHNP).

There are BSN-DNP degrees which combine the NP education with the DNP education and typically grant you both a MSN and a DNP. The MSN portion is your APRN degree in your case as a PNP, where the DNP portion is the same as any other DNP degree.

The focus of a DNP degree is more in applying research to your practice.