PN Entrance Exam Preparation Questions


I decided to focus on more than one college to apply to. I know Galen does the PAX. Ivy tech does the Teas. As far as study guides go...if I bought a study guide for the Teas, let's say, wouldn't the information in the guide still be relevant for the PAX? Sorry if that's a stupid question but I legit want to I know they are expensive and I want to get a good one.

Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention in high school with biology. If I remember correctly, I think I failed because I didn't care at the time. I was a high school drop out too but I did get my GED. I don't want this holding me back from going to a good nursing school. I might be paying for my mistakes now, but being a nurse is my dream. It's time I get off my butt and go for it.

All that being said does anyone have a recommendation for study guide books or websites where I can start studying now rather then later? I want a book that covers a good chunk of it if such a thing exists. I looked at most of the PAX study guides and I didn't like some of the reviews on Amazon.

Anyways I appreciate anyone who reads this and any advice you can offer.