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I am new to Parish Nursing and am looking for organizations or associations for Parish Nurses. Any help/ info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi BlueClaw:

This page has a list of resurces for Parish Nursing. It is a start for providing information which you have requested. So far, I have not found national organization for Parish Nurses (like ANA etc).

It is wonderful to see queries on this topic. Are you doing Parish Nursing? I would love to hear how you are involved in this type of Nursing?

In a few weeks, in my local area of Wyoming/Colorado, I am going to a Parish Nursing meeting. I will write about the meeting in this Forum.



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Thank you for the's a great start. Some of the articles I had already seen, but a lot of them were new. I did volunteer work as a Parish Nurse back home in Texas and here in New Jersey. Was told about a full time position, applied and after 5 interviews was offered the job. It is full time and funded by a state grant that is paid through the Bon Secours Healthcare System. I did my general hospital orientation today and start my new job on Monday. I have never done Parish Nursing full time and have lots of great ideas, but would like to see, speak with, meet, swap ideas with, etc .....other Parish Nurses. I have been a nurse for 11 years, I have an ADN but am looking into going back for my BSN. I was told that there is a PN association in Northern NJ, but have not seen anything on the net. I am a member of the ANA and would like to find specialty certification, CEU offerings, formal training, etc for Parish Nurses. There's bound to be something out there!

Thank you again for the great article! I look forward to hearing from you again sometime.


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Glad the article was of help. It is good to see queries on this forum. I suspect there is a lot of activity out there we can all learn from.

I am simply a wanna be Parish Nurse. I am so busy trying to make a living that I am not concentrating, at this time, very much on pursuing this type of nursing. I do not know of any Parish Nursing going on in my area; I am open to starting something up but, again, busy making a living but with thoughts of my dream of Parish Nursing on the back burner (for now).

I will write more as I find out info at the meeting in September (it is in a community about 45 minutes away and held at a Hopsice Center).

In peace,


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