PN to ADN Bridge Program


Hi guys! I am currently in practical nursing school and will be graduating at the first of August. I have a few questions about the bridge program to ADN. Any answers or advice would help a lot. I've heard horror stories- Such as:

People at the college I attend say that most of the students who do the bridge program are unsuccessful due to the lack of critical thinking skills. Although, I'm not sure this is true. Our teachers in the PN program have shoved critical thinking down our throat since the day we began class. I guess you could say there is tension between the ADN and PN students (which I don't understand.)

With that being said, for the people who have done the PN to ADN program, did you feel lost in class? Or were there any skills/ topics that you feel like you've never been exposed to?

What should I expect?

Will I benefit from waiting until January '18 to apply due to having a couple months of Med-surg experience?

Thank you all in advance!


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Your LPN education should only help with your transition. I went from LPN to RN myself through 2 pretty intense programs and my LPN program definitely prepared me for the RN program. You now have the basics of being a nurse, including critical thinking, and now you will just build on that knowledge and learn more details. If I had had a chance to have some med-surg experience before I continued to my RN, it would have been extremely helpful. There are some pros on cons for immediately going for your RN and you have to weigh out what is best for you. Good luck!