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PMHNP in San Francisco


Hey Everyone!

I am a current DNP/PMHNP student in New Orleans and will have to relocate to San Francisco after I graduate.  Does anyone have any info on what the job market for PMHNPs is like out there? Any salary info?  Any advice on getting my foot in the door?  

Its been tough to find reliable info online.  Any info would help!


juan de la cruz, MSN, RN, NP

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I'm not a PMHNP but I work in San Francisco.  In general, the NP market is super competitive.  There are openings but there is also a big pool of applicants and some have experience from out of state making them more attractive hires than new grads.  However, PMHNP's may actually have a slight edge given the demand for mental health providers. 

I would suggest looking at websites of hospital systems such as:  UCSF Health, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health - CPMC, and the SF County Health Department.  Outside of San Francisco, there are out-patient clinics owned by Stanford, Dignity Health, Sutter Health, Marin Health, and John Muir Health.  Locums is an option if you can find these companies (I'm not well acquainted with that field).

In general, San Francisco salaries are good if you're coming from another state.  The cost of living is high but may have plateau'd or dropped a bit with COVID 19.  If you have to be here for a reason, consider RN jobs if you can't find NP...I know that's not wise advice but it beats being jobless.


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I am curious why you are wanting to go to SF? I hear most people are very angry with the state of affairs there. Several famous people recently left CA to places that make more sense and are not plagued with social problems/homeless.


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