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PMHNP Residency @ The VA

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Hello all fellow nurses!

Well, I am one to plan ahead as for I am still in school. I live in the good 'ol state of North Carolina. The local VA has a PMHNP residency progam in association with Duke University. If accepted you can also apply to Duke's DNP online program to where your hours and projects during residency count towards your degree. Seems pretty good but it's the renowned Duke; the tuition is like $1,800 per credit.

Anyways, to anyone who has or knows anyone who has, have participating in the residency help with attaining "Nurse III (3)" and a high Step when applying for a job with The VA after? Yes/No? Maybe getting 2-3 years of experience at a higher private industry salary will make the difference for a "Nurse III (3)" and a high step level?

Is the VA even worth it? Compared to an outpatient clinic in the community to inpatient at the local hospital system, how's the experience (paperwork/EMR/culture) any better?

Thanks in advance for any info on this. 2016 legislation granted full practice authority to NPs in the VA. North Carolina is a restricted state unfortunately.

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