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Was curious if anyone could give me advice on what to focus on and what books are good to study for the PMHNP boards?

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Personally, I used Pocket Prep and ExamEdge to study for mine. There is also a PMHNP board study guide published by the organization formerly known as the ANCC that I would recommend.

There are a handful of different versions of the test, but there is a wide range of subject material:

Medications for certain conditions, side effects, contraindications, etc.

Therapeutic modalities

Patient and staff safety

Case management

Disease presentations

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome and Serotonin Syndrome

Psychiatric triage (i.e. - voluntary hospitalization vs. commitment, the need for inpatient hospitalization vs IOP or PH)

Patient confidentiality

Complications from co-occurring disorders (i.e. - alcohol or opiate use and depression, etc.)

DSM diagnostic criteria (i.e. - schizophrenia vs. schizophreniform vs. schizoaffective mood disorder vs. schizoid personality type, major depressive disorder vs. dysthymia, bipolar mood disorder vs. cyclothymia, etc)

And I'm sure there were more. This is just what I can remember. Good luck!