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I m gonna take my hesi at TWU, will forward those scores to HCC, do you think will it work..And what to study for HESI.. Plus how much is a CNA pay, can you work f/t and go to school at the same time..



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I know HCC used to accept scores from other places but I'm not really sure if they do anymore. Just call the nursing department or shoot them an e-mail and they will let you know. I don't know how much CNA pay is but I do know from personal experience it is hard to work and go to school. I work part-time and it is still hard I can't even imagine trying to work full-time. I do know that you have to be really organized and you will rarely get any sleep. So good luck and if you have to work I understand but if you don't I wouldn't.

what school is hcc and does anyone know of any schools that don't require the hesi either lpn or rn. which schools allow more than one chance and finally is it possible to ever become an rn without passing hesi. I heard that people who fail hesi after 2 tries at some schools can never sit for boards and no other school will accept them


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This is just my personal opinion, if you believe you can not pass the HESI. Then maybe you should take the NET test and become a LVN first. Then do the lvn bridge to RN; and you dont have to take another test.

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