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plz help.i graduate in phil and wants to take nclex in north carolina

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hi this joan.I dont know where to start in applying for nclex.they say i have to go to cgfns first for ces.do they require local license from the philippines and english exam result?i didnt take board exam from the philippines coz my dad petition us so its useless to take the exam if im not working there.please help me.what is the requirement for CES and how can i send them if my transcript will be sent by my school and the rest ill sent it to them.thank you so much

check your BON in your state, find what are the requirements for NCLEX and how to apply. Some state requires SSN, goodluck!

I already ask them and they say I need to go to cgfns for credential evaluation but I got confused of what requirements should I send to cgfns

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Just follow the CGFNS handbook which will be found online ie CES will have a download for a handbook same as CVS and VSC

thats my problem too i didnt take board exam in philippines and im here in north carolina right now .I tried to apply at cgfns and they asked me about a license so now im stuck with it but ill try to ask other option ..hey if you still have a problem with it or you get to have any info can you message pls. thanks and if i have info i let you know also.