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Pls help! Anyone working in Methodist, Baptist or Christus in San Antonio, Tx?


Hello everyone! Im relocating to San Antonio from Laredo, Texas. I got an apartment within the medical city, great location and very accessible. Ive been working as adult medical ICU nurse for the last 3 yrs. I'd like to seek advise on which hospital to apply. I want to apply under MICU or SICU. Honestly, I dont mind the pay & the location, so long as the unit has great staff & teamwork, 1:2 nurse-patient ratio, less stressful environment where i could happily work for as long as it takes. Im looking into applying in Methodist Hospital, St Luke's Baptist both in the medical center or one of Christus Sta Rosa campus in med center or even downtown locations. Can anyone give me insights on which one could be the best choice for me? I've read a lot of great things about Christus Sta Rosa in this website. I just dont know which campus have a better intensive care unit to work for. Im also looking into getting a 2nd job later on that's why i dont want to be heavily "burnt out" at an early stage knowing how stressful ICU could be in the 1st place, some friends recommend Lifecare on the side, because of less stress at work & peaceful working environment. Hope to hear from anyone. Thanks a lot!

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