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Please Tell Me I'm Not Alone


I have tried everything. I have applied for a transfer within my hospital. I have applied at every hospital within an hour of me. I have had several interviews and it's always "We were impressed with you, but we aren't offering you a position." I even applied at a hospital where a long-time doctor of mine works and tried asking that doctor to please put in a good word for me. The floor I used to work on doesn't have enough hours for me. I finally broke down and applied for unemployment today. I know this is because of COVID. Please tell me there are more of you nurses in this situation, because I feel like giving up trying to find any job at this point. I graduated last August, so I didn't even get to work a full year before all this happend and it's really starting to take a toll on me. I just needed to reach out and find others who can relate.


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You're going to get even more creative in the roles you're applying to. Remote nursing jobs, telehealth, telephone triage, per diem roles, travel nursing, travel a few hours away, or pick a non-nursing side gig. Start an online business. So many options. These are goofy times and we need to be just as goofy to adapt to them.