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Please do this...

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I got an email from my SIL asking me to please send this lady a card. I am going to do so, and I thought maybe all you wonderful people would like to do this too.

Here is the email;

Sandy is a sixtysomething year old woman who was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Unfortunately, it is terminal. Her wish is to be "showered" with greeting cards or letters from people. I am asking all of you to take a moment to please help fulfill this kind woman's last wishes with upbeat and encouraging cards, please remember she is terminal so "get well" would not be appropriate.

Please send to the following address:

Zanette Kostin

Attn: Sandy

15119 Grande Vista Dr.

Granger, IN 46530

My MIL lives in South Bend but has a Granger address. I know this is authentic and hope that you can help!

Take care and God Bless,

I am also posting this on the Student forum.

babynurselsa, RN

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This sounds like one of those ongoing urban myth sorta deals. Like the kid who started getting them when he was like 6 and 20 something years later is still being bombarded.

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