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I need some help please. I'm currently writing a research paper for my ENG 102 class. I'm doing my paper on the nursing shortage and I would like to interview a nurse and/or nursing school professor for my paper. I would need some personal information to cite your answers in my paper. But I'm not a crazy lady...I promise. LOL If you would like to send me your answers to my questions I can give you my email address. If you have any other information you would like to give regarding the nursing shortage or what you think about it that I didn't ask, please feel free to let me know that as well. Thank you so much guys, it will be very appreciated.:bowingpur

Questions are:

1) How is the current nursing shortage effecting you or your job?

2) What do you think can be done to resolve the nursing shortage?

3) What aspects do you think are the major cause of the nursing shortage?

4) Do you think that changing the conditions of the workplace would help the nursing shortage?

5) How do you think the nursing shortage effects patient care?


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i am not sure how to reply to you personally. i'd rather not answer on the message board. can you e mail me? i don't know much about these boards. but i'd like to help. especially if you are or are going to be a nursing student. we don't all eat our young.


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Are there any graduates that have passed the California BRN that attended Indiana State University online LPN/LVN to Bachelor of Science of Nursing Degree (124 semester hours)course. What are your thoughts on the level of education. I am considering the program and would like to hear from others.




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Awesome, I would love to hear what you think about the nursing shortage and would very much appreciate your answers. You can send me your replies to the questions to my email address. Anyone who would like to reply is welcome to as well.


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I want to write an interview paper about a nurse. Is there anyone willing to do a favor? I just need to ask some questions about your work. Below are some questions that I want to ask. You can send me the response through my email: [email protected]. Thanks

  1. Why did you choose each different job?
  2. What type of training was needed- past and present?
  3. Was your home culture ever in conflict with your work expectations?
  4. Why were you or would you have been a member of union?
  5. Were all ethnicities and races treated fairly, was the work equally valued?
  6. What were the advantages, for you, of working for a private company, or the government?
  7. How have workplace friendships or male-female co-worker relations changed?
  8. Were you able to see the end product of your work? How did that feel?
  9. What is the value of serving in military now verses past?
  10. Last question, how did work help achieve your goals for a family, house, retirement, relationships, or self fulfillment?

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