Please recommend a DHMC 'icu

U.S.A. New Hampshire


When applying to DHMC I must "choose three areas of interest of critical care."

The problem is...I'm too new a nurse to know which area interests me, as well....they all do. My first choice will be general ICU (MICU/SICU) as I was so impressed with the area in my clinicals there. Some must be better than others.

As for other 'icu areas, can anyone please give feedback on the quality of the other 'icu areas such as NICU, NISCU...etc. I long for a true nurturing, team-oriented, friendly, group to work with that truly functions as a unit. I am currently working in a hospital with "shift wars," and seemingly endless strife and friction is not my cup of tea. I stay removed from it, but often get "placed in the middle," which is disheartening. Also I've heard that different units at DHMC have different pay scales, O/T rules etc. And lastly, which areas gives one the greatest career "demand." I am likely to be moving in three or four years and do not want to be stuck with skills that are not in wide demand.

Any feedback would be greatly apprecaited.



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