PLEASE read, need some advice about applying to nursing school.


Hello all,

Well long story short about 2 years ago I was going to school for pre-reqs that I needed to apply for an associates RN degree. In the middle of that, I got pregnant and moved to Guam with my husband since he is stationed here. So I am now going online through my school back in CO for an associates in science, however I am two classes away from an associates in general studies. When I apply to nursing school would it matter which one I chose to get a degree in or is it more about GPA? Also what are some opinions about an associates RN versus bachelors? Thank you so much for any help or advice.



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Forgot to add I have pretty much any pre req that I might need (in general) done.


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I wouldn't think it would matter much, especially because you already have prereqs done. You could email or call the admission office at schools you might be interested in for RN.