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A 29 year-old female,Chole examined in the emergency department in Tx.The patient is severely dehydrated and uncommunitative.The patient's sister Vib reported that they had recently returned home 2 weeks ago from South Asia. They met for lunch 3 days ago to share pics.Chole had eaten half a dozen raw oysters flown from Peru Coast.Vib had eaten grilled mahi mahi.The sick sister had been well until Vib yesterday when she started vomiting and having profuse diarrhea.Vib reported that the diarrhea she had clean up looked like starchy water.

After examing Chole,Dr Tan ordered a rectal swab and a stool analysis.The Lab report documented the presence of numerous gram negative curved rods in the fecal material. Based on that the Physician prescribed tetracycline and ordered rehydration therapy for the patient.The physician also ordered several tests to confirm the perliminary diagnosis. After 48 hours the patient is recovering well.The physician reviews the results of the remaining lab work. The lab reported the isolation of motile,curved rodss from the patient's fecal material.The organism isolated formed yellow colonies on thiosulfate-citrate-bile-sucrose{TCBS} agar,tested oxidase positive and grew well on alkaline media.The test results confirmed the original diagnosis.


1} What did the doctor think was wrong with the patient and why?

2}Did the patient acquire the disease in South Asia or home?Why?

3}Which test confirmed the physician's diagnosis?Are there other test that could have been more accurate?

4}Could Chole have recovered if she wasn't brought to the ER?

5} Besides restricting one's diet what can be done to prevent the illness that attacked Chole?


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