please need some advise.


Hello everyone!! I work in IMCU, night shift. and i have 2 years of experience. i have my florida license and I am considering on taking a traveler job for january 2010. I am not staff, i was hired per diem, but in this hospital is just like being staff, they never cancel me and they do my schedule, the only difference is that i don't have the benefits and i get pay a little more per hour.

One day while i was at work, during a day shift, one of the family members of my patient, she was a nurse recruiter for a travel agency, she was very nice and explained to me about the benefits from traveling. I really like the idea of traveling while doing my job. so i decided to get some more experience, she said about 2 years is good enough. so i waited.

Now, since my husband is really no doing too good in his job, his always complaining after hi was laid off from his last job, i can tell he is not happy, but he would not tell me. i though maybe this is the time to do it, we can rent out the apt and get in the road.

we don't have kids yet, so this is the best time for us to take off.

do you guys think is a good idea with this economy? i think i want to save enough to buy a house, and then just stay in a permanent position and start a family. I am a little afraid to take the risk.

it is best maybe going somewhere close?? i live in florida, i know there is not too much jobs in florida and they don't pay that much, but what can i do to start, and of course be successful whit this plan. any advise is very much welcome. thank you

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